Ride for kids - July 21, 2018 - Join us!

WHAT AN ADVENTURE - Motivate and support or even join us!

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We will be riding our bikes from Zurich to Berlin in order to raise money for needy children in Kenya, with the goal of funding their education. These poverty-stricken children otherwise do not have an opportunity to receive an education as they are unable to afford the school fees. In order to respond to this, we aim to raise and donate enough money to be able to fund the secondary school education for 11 kids (both girls and boys) for the next 4 years. The hope is that these educational opportunities will provide the children with the tools and skills to rise above their current circumstances and empower them to build a better or more prosperous life for their families and loved ones.  


We are: Marco (*1985) and Dino (*1975) from the wecare4 board.


We are by no means trained cyclists. Prior to this journey, our experience with bikes was limited to cycling for a few kilometers (or miles) at a time. However, after only one test ride in October 2017, we are now more aggressively preparing our training routine from January 2018 forward in order to get ready for the approximate 850 kilometers (528 miles) from Zurich to Berlin. Although our busy lives allow for only a limited time to be able to prepare for this adventure, we are excited for the challenge and we don't expect the tour to be easy! Nevertheless, safety is always first. We are looking forward to many interesting encounters and intend to post updates about our journey here. We hope that others will be inspired by this idea and will support or even join us for the event, in whatever way they wish, with the common goal of helping these children who have not been blessed with luck in their early lives. 

Copyright: https://ourladyofgracepartners.org
Copyright: https://ourladyofgracepartners.org


Do you like this idea and would you like to contribute or participate?


Contact us on info@wecare4.ch.  We will open a dedicated site for you on our homepage where you can raise money in support of the charitable cause.


You don't want to ride from Zurich to Berlin? No problem! 


Just tell us what tour you are planning and we will show it here. Regardless of whether your experience in cycling is limited to a few rounds around your neighborhood, or you have been training for another tour elsewhere in the world: Everything is possible. Just let us know! 

our goal: chf 35'200.00

An ambitious goal for which we need YOUR help!



With your donation, your money will go directly to the financing of school fees for the secondary schooling of children who finished their primary education at  "our Lady of Grace School" in Kenya. These children would otherwise not have any chance to get the education necessary to be qualified for a job that would enable them to personally establish and build a life away from poverty. One year of schooling costs approximately CHF 800.00 per child.


 Our sponsorship goals are as follows (every donation counts!):


CHF 8'800 = Great, the first year is secured for the 11 Kids

CHF 17'600 = Super, 2 years are achieved

CHF 26'400 = Wow, incredible, 3 years are financed

CHF 35'200 = Amazing!!! 4 years of Secondary for all 11 Kids


Can we reach even more? Even better! Any donations above the listed goal thresholds will be directed towards the financing of schooling for additional children within the same circumstances.


100% of donations are used for the school fees for the children. Any expenses incurred in preparation for or during the bike tour are self-funded by ourselves. 

Donation Barometer: CHF 12'600.00


Donator City Donation
Marina W. Zurich CHF 100.00
Marina P. Zurich CHF 20.00
Cyril A. Zurich CHF 5.00
Anonym Zürich CHF 10.00
Anonym Zurich CHF 50.00
Stefan T. Zurich CHF 200.00
Familie M. Balterswil CHF 600.00
Sven H. Zurich CHF 150.00
Ashley W. Eatchester (USA)

CHF 46.00

(USD 50.00)

Elena Z. Winterthur

CHF 100.00

A. & I. J. Wangen

CHF 110.00

Heiko S. FFM (Deutschland)

CHF 113.14

(EUR 100.00)

Janine K. Wetzikon

CHF 100.00

Anonym Thun

CHF 1.00

Michael K. Benken

CHF 100.00

Saskia K. Uznach

CHF 100.00

Stefanie C. Dietikon

CHF 50.00

Uschi G. Seuzach

CHF 100.00

Tom Cay Music Zürich

CHF 100.00

Beat A. Jonen

CHF 100.00

Alexander P. Zürich

CHF 250.00

Moritz A. Neftenbach

CHF 10.00

André R.  Zurich

CHF 50.00

André H. Weisslingen

CHF 100.00

Joachim B. Ottikon

CHF 111.11

Roger J. Unterentfelden

CHF 50.00

Luca T. Uznach

CHF 100.00

Francesco T. Jona

CHF 50.00

Patrick F. Jona

CHF 100.00

Joanne Z. Flushing, NY (USA)

CHF 44.11

(USD 50.00)

Philipp J. Bubikon

CHF 50.00

Daniel Z. Rapperswil-Jona

CHF 50.00

Andreas G. Wädenswil

CHF 100.00

Erica F. Kaltbrunn

CHF 100.00

CTA Team Zurich

CHF 200.00

Baumann Federn AG Rüti

CHF 500.00

Anja T. Zurich

CHF 120.00

Stefan G. Neftenbach

CHF 150.00

Brina D. Zürich

CHF 100.00

Nina W. Zürich

CHF 100.00

Urs E. Zug

CHF 150.00

Workshop Donation Thalwil

CHF 1'400.00

Oliver M. Richterswil

CHF 50.00

Karin G. Cham

CHF 500.00

Heusser Orthopädie-Technik AG Adliswil

CHF 1'000.00

Sabrina R. Wangen

CHF 10.00

Denise R. Zug

CHF 150.00

Severine & Simon S. Niederglatt

CHF 120.00

Helena F. Uznach CHF 200.00
Roger W. Winkel CHF 50.00
Marc H. Hirzel CHF 100.00
Christoph T. Chur CHF 50.00
Alessandro M. Jona CHF 100.00
Ludrei Winterthur CHF 50.00
Matthias S. Frankfurt am Main (D)

CHF 10.85

(EUR 10.00)

Dimitrios P. Zürich

CHF 150.00

Peter R. Lenzburg

CHF 500.00

Florian I. Winterthur

CHF 100.00

Stefan H. Zürich

CHF 80.00

Markus K. Zürich

CHF 100.00

Markus W. Zürich

CHF 111.11

Heinrich H. Niederweningen

CHF 200.00

Paul M. - Rotary Club Winterthur Winterthur

CHF 250.00

Dario F. Uster

CHF 25.00

Uli Bad Bergzabern (D)

CHF 500.00

(EUR 500.00)

Bianco O. Zürich

CHF 50.00

Familie B. Ottikon

CHF 140.00

Marc S. Wilen

CHF 50.00

Sabina M. Lufingen

CHF 100.00

Bastian B. London (UK)

CHF 38.17

(GBP 30.00)

Jörg S. Schalchen

CHF 200.00

Nicolas H. Mägenwil

CHF 100.00

Mina G. Zürich

CHF 50.00

Daniel H. Sennhof

CHF 100.00

GOAT San-T Wallisellen

CHF 100.00

Vassilios L. Zürich

CHF 100.00

Perica G. Zürich

CHF 500.00

Beatrice S. Humlikon

CHF 137.72

Steve R. Lachen

CHF 100.00

Emre Y.  

CHF 300.00

Support us now with your donation! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Please let us know in the comments field if you want your Name or Company Name fully displayed or completely anonymized. If nothing is mentioned we will display only your first Name.


Please be aware that payment fees may be deducted when donating through Credit Cards. Choose Bank Wire or Payment Order if you want to ensure 100% of your donation will be transferred to the Kids. 

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CHF Konto: 0559-943481-41

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we care 4 - Verein für benachteiligte Kinder

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our Sponsor

Copyright: www.erpse.com
Copyright: www.erpse.com

Coaching, Nutrition & Preparation:


Jürg Hösli is a nutritionist, lateral thinker and likes to take up controversial topics in sports, psychology and nutrition. He's been in competitive sports for over 30 years and has coached World Champions as well as Olympic Athletes. 


He's the founder of the School for Nutrition Diagnostic erpse in Winterthur.


We are extremely thankful and happy to have Jürg on board as our Sponsor and Coach. Thanks to his incredible know how on nutrition, training and his own experience as a cyclist, we will be much better prepared for our journey. Our first meeting with him was already an eye-opener and we quickly learned how little we actually know about such a challenge. 


We literally have a long way in front of us :-)

Copyright: www.prozis.com
Copyright: www.prozis.com

PROZIS is the European Leader in Sports Nutrition and Functional Foods. 


Dino is an Affiliate Partner of PROZIS through Training Unplugged. Luckily for us, they agreed to be on board as a Sponsor for this Project. 


We are extremely thankful that PROZIS is supporting us with Isotonic Drinks, Energy Bars as well as Recovery Shakes. A big "Thank you" to all the responsible people at PROZIS for believing in our  Charity Project and in ourselves. 

Copyright: www.tempo-sport.ch
Copyright: www.tempo-sport.ch

Since 1990 a professional Partner for Cycling, Mountain Bike, Running, Triathlon and Swimming. 


Tempo-Sport  is the official Partner-Shop of Triathlon. 


A great thank you to René for supporting us with his expertise to adapt our Bikes to our Body Types. We've learned a lot from René during this 2 hours session with him. He has an incredible Know How when it comes to Cycling.


Correct posture of our Arms, Back as well as many technical tricks to improve our efficiency. All of this will finally help us immensely to save Energy on our long ride to Berlin. It was a real pleasure to see how engaged René talked about Cycling. Our Bikes are much easier to ride, thanks to his great help. 


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